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As a major buyer of leather throughout the world, Rich Leather International is privy to special purchases and volume-buying discounts. Leather, like fine wine, is available in many varieties, strengths and colorations — at market prices to match. Several times a year, Rich Leather visits tanneries in search of quality and options in fine leather. We then stock our “cellar” with outstanding selections in softness, colors and types of leather to fit the needs of our discriminating customers.

Our “menu” of fine leathers features a rainbow of colors in textures of aniline, semi-aniline, top-coat protected, and naked and nubucks — all at bargain prices! 

Our experience in leather buying and use over 30+ years has developed our expertise in leather of all types and applications. Originally as a manufacturer of high-end leather furniture for home and business to a knowledgeable broker of finished hides, we can offer you the selection and pricing you need for your projects. Choose from full-grain, corrected, top-coat protected, full or semi-aniline, veg-tan, garment, and even hair on hides. In other words, why look elsewhere when Rich Leather International, Inc. has what you need at very competitive prices. You will find us accessible, whether it be by phone, fax, email, mail, and our service to our customers is a top priority.

Did You Know?

We Are Your Direct Leather Source

Thousands of hides in-stock and ready to ship!

Experience our service and support

Over 30 Years in the Leather Business

Order as Little as 1 Full Hide.

We offer custom dyeing if one of our many stock colors do not fit your needs.

We can certify most of our leathers for FAA Airplane use.

Sample requests are FREE and sent within 1 business day of your request.

CUSTOM-DYED leather and other Special Orders are available. If you don’t see the color or type of leather you’re looking for, no problem! Rich Leather has relationships with tanneries worldwide and we can special-order leather for you.

Contact us with your special order today!